Welcome to Al Yamama Fertilizer Industries LLC (Yamfert)  

Yamfert is a specialized agro nutrient company established in Ajman – United Arab Emirates working in the field of complete plant nutrition. Yamfert has been re- innovating its wealth of resources in order to become a trusted leader in the specialty plant nutrition.

Our aim is to help farmers maximize yields and at the same time reducing their cultivation costs without compromising with soil, water, environment and food nutrients. Yamfert produce branded cost effective fertilizers to make sure the quality of soil and good yield outcome from the healthy plants.


Our Products

Granular NPK Fertilizers

 Yamfert produces wide range of Sulphate based homogenous compound fertilizer and it ensure balanced distribution for nutrients in the field of all plants.All product are MOCCAE (UAE) tested and approved.    

Straight Fertilizers

Yamfert supplies wide range of straight fertilizer grades under his brand name outsourced from our long term suppliers from worldwide. All product are MOCCAE (UAE) tested and approved.    

Trace Elements

Coming Soon. 

Suspension and Liquid Fertilizers

Coming Soon. 

Water Soluble Fertilizers

Coming Soon. 


Yamfert- Potassium Sulphate
Yamfet - 15-15-15
Yamfert- Potassium Nitrate
Yamfert - Single Super Phosphate
Yamfert- Magnesium Sulphate